Here we describe a walk through the remnants of our ancient commons and woodlands in Tilehurst.

Tilehurst was separate from Reading until the 1960s. The last trolley bus service was stopped. New housing estates have merged Tilehurst into Reading’s urban sprawl. Amazingly you can follow this walk, for between 2 and 3 hours, and stay largely within open spaces that are blessed with wonderful views over the Thames Valley and perhaps you can linger to dream of the rural idyll.

This guide has been put together by many local people to promote an awareness of their local environment and to encourage us all to look after what little we have left of these ancient commons and woodlands.

Our thanks go to Reading Council and to the many conservation groups and voluntary helpers who help to maintain these green spaces. Contact Tilehurst Globe for further information about volunteering.

Whilst every care was taken to ensure an accurate description, the authors apologize for any errors, but would be grateful for any feedback about this site.

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This website was put together some years ago. Where there are obvious changes to the description of the walk, these have been included as footnotes in order to retain the original text. Also in the meantime Tilehurst Globe has produced leaflets about the parks and woodlands. The leaflets are available to download as pdf files from the Tilehurst Globe website and also are available for free at Tilehurst Library.