This walk links the remaining open parts of Kentwood Copse, Kentwood Common, Tilehurst Common and Blundells Copse.

In the mid 18th century Kentwood Common extended from the Oxford Road up to the top of the hill at Tilehurst and from Westwood Road to Norcot Road. It encompassed Kentwood Copse which is also known as Kentwood Grove. Tilehurst Common was to the south of Kentwood Common and ran from the hill down to the Bath Road. Even as late as the end of the 19th century, large tracts of the commons remained, although small pockets of housing and industrial development were beginning to encroach on the common land.

Although the commons have diminished more rapidly over recent years, it is still possible to follow the footpaths and walk almost entirely through parks and woodlands, starting at the Oxford Road and down to the Bath Road. The walks described here follow the woods and parks in Tilehurst.

The suggested walks are given for guidance only.

A large map of the area is shown. A more detailed description of the individual parks and woodland areas is given on separate pages.